Thursday, December 27, 2007

You know the drill..

There are pix of the kids all geared up with their new scooters, go to the photo gallery to see them.. just click on any of the photos I've posted. Will post more later..

Alexa's Tea Party!

Alexa's Tea Party!
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Alexa insisted everyone have a tea party with her.. Bri & Chad were showing her the "proper" way to drink your tea!

Brian's big present... Hunter

Brian told Hunter he didn't want anything for Christmas. When Hunter told him he had to open something, Brian told him to wrap himself up because that would be the best present ever... So this was Hunter's Idea!

Christmas Day 8:30 am "After"

Christmas Day 8:30 am "After"
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Christmas Eve/ Day... 2 am! "Before"

on Hold..

We are still in a holding pattern on the closing for the Beckley house. I will post Christmas pix, etc. later..

Monday, December 24, 2007

Just Listen...

The lights are bright on our Christmas tree,
decorations are draped all around.
When all is quiet in the dark of night
I listen yet don't hear a sound.

My mind can hear the laughter
of Christmas's gone by.
My mind can recall the visions
I barely have to try.

Most memories come unheeded
of Christmas around a tree.
With all my children with me
gathered at my knee.

This Christmas we have a different tree
and are making traditions anew.
With your children gathered at my knee
sharing memories of you.

My heart can feel your laughter
from Christmas's gone by.
My heart can feel your presence
I barely have to try.

The lights are bright on our Christmas tree,
decorations are draped all around.
You are with me in the dark of night
I just listen with my heart and you are found.

mjs 12-24-07

Hope vs. Caution

Update on the Beckley house.. it is still ours. We didn't close last week because the appraisal report didn't get done in time. That is the responsibility of the buyer's side of things. We are scheduled to close this Wed. the 26th.. the day after Christmas, "Boxing Day" in England. We are hopeful, yet cautious.. let's hope that "Hope" wins out and all goes well!

Dancing with a Dervish..

Dervish :as bodily movements leading to a trance
:one that whirls or dances with or as if with the abandonment of a dervish

Last Wednesday I got my cast off. My finger was pretty much healed, he just wanted to be sure it was set before I had full use of it enough to do some therapy for my hand. The rules were to keep it taped for 3 weeks until I saw the doc again Jan. 14th. I did pretty good until after Hunter's party. The tape got wet & yucky, so I took it off in the kitchen and headed to the bathroom for more tape. Alexa came dancing by me, grabbed my hand to twirl herself and when she lost her balance she grabbed my finger and twisted to catch herself... snapping and twisting my almost healed finger and rebreaking it! I didn't think it could be broken worse than the first time, or be more painful..but IT IS! They said it was a spiral break this time and was more difficult to heal. The first time it hurt, but I was able to use the hand to support or carry things and I could use the available fingers to open things, etc. Not this time. To use it at all is very painful. I am even typing one handed! I broke down and filled a script for some pain meds. I haven't taken any yet although after running errands yesterday I said I was going to. It is even worse this morning. So I will take half of one and see how that goes. Of course my ortho doc is off til Wed, so I have a temporary hard cast on until I see him. I am sure he will be thrilled. I know I am! The new rules from the ER doc.. no more dancing!

Birthday Boy!

Hunter Newborn
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He is 7 now.. despite my requests for him to stop growing! He had a great day, and an awesome party. I have been spoiled by the availability of places to have parties.. Chuck E. Cheese, Ollie Koala's, Dave & Buster's. Hunter has asked for a costume party for 2 years now. He wanted it to have nothing to do with Christmas. So this year we had a costume party. He invited his classmates and his friends. Out of 20 kids invited, he had 6 show up. They had a blast! We set up our bouncy castle. We set up the sand box so they could dig for buried pirate coins to claim a treasure prize. We rented a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine too. I fed them Chick-fil-a, lots of sugar and sent them home with more! Hunter said it was the best birthday ever.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jack 12-17-07 9 lbs 1 oz

Jack 12-17-07 9 lbs 1 oz
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I am an Auntie again.. Cricket keeps me loaded with nephews and a neice! This is #6 for her. Isn't he beautiful?!

Hunter, Tristan, Santa & Alexa 12-1-07

This was at a party our Realtor's office had, just got the pix back.. individual pix in the gallery, click on this one to get there as usual.
Is it just me.. or does this Santa look mean?? I didn't notice that at the time!
Tristan looks so short because he was scrunching down to be next to Hunter.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let it snow!

Caught this website from another blog... too cute! Add a little fun to your day, go make a snowflake!

Santa & Alexa 12-8-07

Santa & Tristan 12-8-07

Jackpott Santa & Hunter 12-8-07

We went to the Jacksonville Parents Of Twins & Triplets Christmas party yesterday. The kids had fun. I am waiting for some other Santa pix, but these will do for now. They were taken with my cell phone and everyone was moving, so excuse that they are a little blurry! You can click on any of the Santa pix and go view the photo gallery.

Silent Night!

(I loaded these through the blog, so you can't click on them to get to the photo gallery. I won't do that again! Sorry!)

This was the end result to watching Christmas shows after playing outside. They didn't want pillows & blankets because they weren't tired! Did I wake them up? NO. Did I put them into their beds right away (raising the odds that they would wake up)? NO. I took full advantage of the peace & quiet. I left them there for a while and when I was ready to shut things down and go into my room, then I moved them and they stayed asleep!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Tree Training!

We have a beautiful Christmas tree. It is full and tall, and right now waiting to have ornaments put on it. The lights and topper are on, but it may be a while before I dare to put anything else on it. I may even take it down and get a tiny bright red metallic tree instead. Maybe then Tristan would stop trying to climb it! He trys to climb it, he hides his toys among the branches, & he flings socks to see how high they go before they stick to it. Alexa watches, cheers him on, and when she thinks no one is watching she joins in. Her favorite thing is to change the light pattern... Papa's little princess for sure! So we are going through Christmas Tree Training here at the Shore house.. what NOT to do to the tree! It is uncertain wether the recruits will pass or fail, and the tree's survival is in question, but I won't give up without a fight!

Along for the ride..

You might be suprised to learn that Princess Alexa has quite a temper, is stubborn, and likes to stick out her tongue... remind you of anyone?.. besides me!? That is also when she looks the most like Kierra. It is hard to maintain your composure when she is in the middle of a fit and you see Kierra in her loud and clear. Sometimes it makes us want to laugh, and other times it is hard not to cry. But we stick to our guns and get through it. It is amazing at almost 4 years old that they have such developed personalities. They always have, but now it is more vocal, more defined. Most of the time it is Tristan getting into mischief, usually with Hunter right along with him. Both boys are so active and so loud! Alexa tends to play more on her own, and although she will play with them, she will veer toward playing by herself. She is generally quieter and easier to entertain if I want to get things done and need them to settle in one place. Tristan can't seem to sit still. Now don't be fooled, Alexa can keep up with the boys and do her own share of mayhem. Just yesterday she coated all her little play people with powder. Thank God for Vaccum cleaners! At least she kept it in one place.
When Kierra was about Lexie's age she & Brianne were supposedly taking a nap. Kierra let Bri, who was about a year or so old, "help" her spray a full bottle of baby powder into the air in the bedroom. It was everywhere! In the speaker holes of the bedside radio, coated all over the hardwood floors, blankets, beds, etc. It took days to clean it all up. Trust me, a little powder goes a long way.. a lot of powder is endless! I think the clock radio still had powder in it when we got rid of it years later!
So some things are destined to be repeated. There are some things they will do just like she did. But they are not her, they are their own person, and they will make their own way in this world.. we are just along for the ride!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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My other project I was determined to finish today. I found these decorations on sale at Home Depot because they are discontinued. They are made from grapevines so the brown blends with the landscaping during the day. We aren't messing with all the icicle lights this year.. too much work. The deer's heads move, the kid's want them to stay all year! I am sure the neighbors would love that!
Tristan thinks he should be able to ride them.. good thing they don't go out front unsupervised. I will have to keep an extra keen ear on the door alarm, I am sure he will try it at least once!

My "new" laundry room

My "new" laundry room
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Well, clean and organized makes it new for me.. it only took me 7 months! Actually I reorganized all the cabinets today to keep all the cleaning stuff out of the kids reach. Then I put up the shelf to hang clothes on and set up the bins to sort the laundry as it goes in there. I even labeled the bins. (Thank you Terri for that idea!) We'll see if it helps keep the laundry under control! I still need to put up the window blind, but since it faces the dog run and the preserve full of trees we haven't worried about it. This was hard enough with only one good hand! The kids are excited about using the signs to put their clothes in the bins.. we'll see how long that lasts!

Let the games begin..

Brian got a Brookstone catalog in the mail the other day and debated getting new LED lights for our tree. We decided to wait and maybe get some on sale after Christmas for next year. I had lunch with my friend Vicky on Sunday and explained the Christmas Tree Light Game we play every year. We have 2 sets of lights that can be set for over a dozen different patterns. It can be quite a chore to get them synchronized, but they look great when they are all done. I like them on constant, or on a slow, calm wave. Brian likes to set them to trick me. There is a pattern that starts out on constant, then goes completely out, then flashes one color at a time until all are flashing, then starts the constant, out, etc, all over again. My least favorite pattern I have nicknamed "prelude to a seizure." It starts out in a nice, calm wave throughout the tree. Then it speeds up gradually until it is frenetically flashing like a disco strobe light gone awry. Brian likes to mess with the patterns, I like to leave it alone, once it is set where I want it! Another Shore tradition, twisted as it may be.. let the games begin!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Where are you Christmas?

I was diligently filling out Christmas cards tonight, not really feeling in the Christmas mood, which is the norm lately, when this song came on my kitchen radio.. quite fitting..
"Where Are You Christmas"
Where are you Christmas
Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear music play
My world is changing
I'm rearranging
Does that mean
Christmas changes too
Where are you Christmas
Do you remember
The one you used to know
I'm not the same one
See what the time's done
Is that why you have let me go
Christmas is here
Everywhere, oh
Christmas is here
If you care, oh
If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time
(I'm still working on this part!)
I feel you Christmas
I know I've found you
You never fade away
The joy of Christmas
Stays here inside us
Fills each and every heart with love
Where are you Christmas
Fill your heart with love

Just "fine"..

I started my day with a broken stocking holder, a very red ear, and flourescent yellow crayon melted all inside my dryer and all over Alexa's new jeans! Tristan learned the hard way not to pull on the stockings on the mantel. The Mickey stocking holder hit his ear on the way to the floor and is quite heavy. No cuts, but it will probably bruise. I hope Alexa learned by example. I repaired the broken stocking holder, (Thank You super glue!) and on to the next disaster..
I just bought Alexa a couple pairs of jeans because she has less pants than the boys do. I washed them with a load of jeans and then threw a couple pair along with a pair of Hunter's jeans into the dryer so they could get dressed and we could go to a Santa party. When I opened the dryer everything, including the inside of my dryer, was flourescent yellow! Thank goodness I turned Lexie's new jeans inside out.. just the cuff and waistband show bright yellow, but the other jeans weren't so lucky. No one knows where the crayon came from or whose pocket it was in. I check most pockets, but for over a dozen pair of puny jeans there is bound to be a missed one.. obviously!
I cleaned out my dryer somewhat and will finish it later. We went to the Santa party, will post pix when I get them. I then dropped them at daycare for a couple hours so I could run some errands in relative peace & quiet. The time flew by too fast and here we are back home. In the past half hour Alexa has gotten soap bubbles in her eye, Hunter and Tristan bumped heads, and I am about to throw every little toy & whistle they got at that party straight into the trash so they will quit arguing who got what color, etc!
Other than that we're just fine!