Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome Home Baby Girl!

Have you ever been driven to do something, driven to keep pushing for something? Many, many years ago there was a baby girl in our lives. Her mother & I were best friends. She was cousins with my daughter. When Kierra & I moved to Wyoming they moved somewhere else & I haven't seen her since. Her mother made the most loving choice to give her a better life. Sarai was adopted by a wonderful family and they named her Kristen. She has had a wonderful life and her parents have always supported her finding her birth family. I respected my friend's choice and thought of that baby girl often. When the time came for Sarai to be old enough to look for her family I tried finding her. Multiple times with multiple disappointments. Every year I would remember her birthday, think of how old she was, what she would look like, what she would be doing. I have a couple pictures of her and would look at them often. A month or so ago I started having very vivid dreams of her and Kierra. As babies, as adults. I don't remember all my dreams, but I remembered those. I spoke to my friend and talked to her about trying to find Sarai again. I just felt like I was supposed to keep looking. Late one night I came across a registry for adopted children and also birth families of adoptees. I had all the information from her birth, and who both her parents were. I filled in every blank and also wrote a small message. in a couple hours I had an email that they found a partial match! Kristen had the same birthdate, she listed her birth name as Saria, which was a typo. She did have her birth father's name, but not her mother's. She had registered to find her birth family over 10 years ago, November 28, 2005. Just a couple weeks after Kierra died. I knew it was her. I sent back the permission to give her my information. They warned that with the length of time since her registration, the information could be a dead end. This is where the adoption registry went above & beyond. Judy at Find My Family Adoption Reunion Registry could not reach Kristen with the information she had registered. So she took to Facebook and found her on there. She sent her a message and was able to make contact! Within less than twenty four hours Kristen & I were texting back & forth, exchanging photos and she was able to connect with her birth mother and other family members. Within a few days we were able to get her connected with her birth father too. It has been so rewarding to fill that space in our hearts. Krissy has two boys, lives out west and we all are anxiously waiting to meet them all! Her parents have raised a remarkable young woman and it is amazing that they gave her the love and freedom to find her birth family. The registry I used is non-profit. Some I have tried before charge fees to help you find your loved ones. This registry does not. Here is the link in case anyone wants to make a donation to their cause: