Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School 2010-2011

In just a few hours the kiddos will start their first day of school for the 2010-2011 school year! Tristan & Alexa will be in 1st grade & Hunter will be in 3rd. They seem to have good teachers this year & we are all looking forward to a great year! I have their backpacks packed & bags of supplies to go with them. I will send a few more things as the week continues. It is unbelievable how the supply list has changed over the years! Here are just a few things & the quantities I had to buy to cover all three kiddos..

copy paper 7 reams
glue sticks 30
sharpened pencils 72
composition books 7
binders 7
plastic folders w/ pockets 10
spiral notebooks 6
boxes of 24 crayons 6
kleenex, sanitizer, scissors, markers, 3 each

Then there are all the individual class supplies which go on forever.. so lots of labeling! I worked hard to catch stuff on sale. Office max & Staples beat out most of the dept. stores on supply prices & Kohl's seemed to have the best deals for kid's clothes over the past several weeks. I got some killer deals for Alexa today.. saved $124 & got several outfits for about $12 each. I like that math! I will try to remember to take pix today when they get on the bus.. in just a few hours!!

writing vs. reading

When did we all become so computer driven? I think we got one back in 1994 when we came back from England. But it was for games more than communication. Now we read what we have to say to each other rather than talk via phone or, WOW!, face to face. I used to think the lack of emotion in the written word caused problems, but I think there is an overabundance of emotion from some people. The probelm is they are the readers of the words, not the writers.. so their own emotion, their own insecurities, opinions, judgements, etc.. go into their reading. At times their perception has little to nothing to do with the writer's intention. I have become so tired of having to explain what I mean when I write something. No matter how basic, how plain I say things.. someone, somewhere takes it wrong, reads so much more into it than is there.
There are some pretty important things I have not even posted to Facebook because I do not have the energy to make anyone else "feel better". To continually assure everyone that I am not talking about them! The whiners & boohooers are beyond my realm of consideration at the moment. It is a self imposed censorship of sorts. But I am wearing thin with worrying about what anyone thinks. It is what it is. Like it or not.. read it or not. I do believe I have said that before. But, like my children, some things have to be repeated over & over again!
Another reminder that seems to need repeating.. if I have cut you out of my life it is a complete dismemberment.. I do not write to you or about you.. if, for some reason I did.. I would most likely mention you by name.. afterall, what would I have to lose?? So don't flatter yourself that you are included in what I have to say on a day to day basis.. I am pretty good at being done when I say I am done.