Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween 2008
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been so busy that I just pop on here.. type a quick blurb and off I go again. I can't seem to sleep tonight. My legs won't settle down, I feel like I could go running. Anywho.. let me catch you up on a few things..
Randy- He got his trache taken out a couple weeks ago, almost 3 weeks ago now. He is doing better and is supposed to be released to go home this Thursday! They had said November 1st, but don't want to send him home on a weekend. It has been a long road and still won't be easy for them, but I know it will be a relief for both of them to have him back home. Be sure to keep in touch and I know he would still love to have visitors at home.
The twin's father, Alex, left for Iraq on Saturday. It is his second tour there. He was led to believe if he went into the gaurd then he would stay stateside. May he stay safe.
Chad suprised us today. He is taking the ASVAB next week. That is the miltary aptitude test. He has decided to join the military. He wants to go to college and realistically would have to work 2 jobs to do it, which would leave little time for school. He has been considering it and is ready to take this step for his future. His test score will help him decide which branch he will sign up with. I have very mixed feelings about this. I am proud that he is moving forward and doing something that will benefit his future. He is well aware of the commitment to defend his country as part of this decision. I am proud of him for that too, yet as a mother who has already lost a child, I am hesitant to embrace a decision that may risk losing another. No matter how small the risk, it is still a Mother's worry for her child to be in any kind of danger. It is different from the fear and worry I felt as a wife when Brian went to the Gulf War. I will support him and love him wherever he goes and whatever he does. I will keep you all posted.
Trying to organize and juggle 3 children in school is my latest challenge. I have 3 teachers to communicate with, 3 Halloween parties to send things in for or help with, school pictures x3, school papers x3, school projects x3, field trips x3, and even birthday party invitations x3! I am going to have to get a large planner calendar to put on the wall with color coded squares for them all! I don't know how I managed this before. I worked so I didn't get as involved in their school activities, but the thought of adding dance classes, karate, and/or sports to the mix really freaks me out. I have a new stress addiction.. popsicles. The new slowmelt ones. I have eaten 3 in a row at times in the past week. I tried the sugarfree ones.. but they aren't as good. It is my version of taking a cigarette break!
Brian is working alot of city overtime the next couple months. They are always shorthanded. He gets to grow a beard every fall if he donates to the United Way. I will have to post pics. He was starting it when we took our cruise, but it was just coming in then.. still at the scruffy stage. He has to shave it after Christmas. He is still counting down to officially be a Sargeant. I will let you know when it is his turn.
It'a almost 4am. I am going to try to sleep again. Probably just in time for Tristan to get up early! TTFN

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I thought I would have so much free time when the kids were all in school.. not so much! I am right now watching the clock so I can run out the door in time to go get Alexa. I have about 5 minutes. They had yesterday off for a teacher planning day so it threw them all off, but this is their first "full" week of all going to school. So far so good. They have done well and haven't had any seperation anxiety. I am glad, yet sad as well. It is a milestone for all of us. I am hoping by next week to have us all into the routine and make the best use of my time. (Ok, stop laughing!!)

Proud of one of my four legged children!

Barney placed first in a horse show on Saturday! Alicia (from the barn) has been riding him and retraining him to show for Western Pleasure. He didn't do so great in the first class, the judge looked at them just as Alicia had to put him in "check". But in the main class my boy won first place out of 13 horses! I am so proud of him!
I had to miss it to volunteer at Hunter's school for their Fall Festival, but I am hoping to be at his next show so I can watch him win in person!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tristan, 1st Day of Preschool 10.24.08

He didn't want his picture taken, so I grabbed this one at the end of the day! He has done great and loves it so far!

Hunter & Alexa 10.20.08

Hunter & Alexa 10.20.08
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This was her 1st day of preschool. She was very excited and has had a great week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hunter and Alexa Funhouse

Hunter and Alexa Funhouse
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We went to a horse show yesterday then spent 5 hours at the county fair in Callahan. Hunter and Alexa jumped right in and rode everything. It took Tristan awhile to warm up and not be afraid to try things. Click on this photo to go check out the fun they had!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Their masterpieces

Their masterpieces
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click on this one to view them each with their own pumpkins!

The Pumpkin Patrol

The Pumpkin Patrol
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We did manage to get to a nearby pumpkin patch Monday night. They picked out their own pumpkins and we picked out a big family pumpkin too. Brianne even got one for her house.

School days..

I feel like I hit the ground running on Monday morning and haven't stopped since! There is a big fall festival coming up for Hunter's school and I am the room mom for his class. I am a week behind on it and it is the 25th.
Tristan & Alexa were evaluated for a special preschool available at Hunter's school. Tristan tested as having some developmental delays, so he qualifies and will start school on the 23rd. All day, 5 days a week, the same schedule as Hunter. Alexa had some delay in language concepts, but tested at her age range or above on everything else, so she does not qualify. She will be going to a private preschool starting on Monday, the 20th. It really wasn't in the budget to do that, but I couldn't see sending Tristan to school and keeping her home. This way they both will be ready to start kindergarten in the fall. They had their physicals and flu shots today. (That was fun... NOT!)
I already have Thursdays booked to help in Hunter's classroom and will have to see if they need volunteers in Tristan's class. I would like to have a day or two a week for the horses.. and maybe, just maybe I can get caught up and keep up with the housework! We will see!

Flappers & Gangstas Oct 11,2008

This is a costume party we went to with the travel agency group. It was the roaring twenties. Mom won for the best female costume. I will have to post a better pic of her outfit. We all had a great week and a great time.

My Favorite Oct 7,2008

My Favorite Oct 7,2008
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I have scanned the actual photos and posted them on the gallery, so here is a better copy of this pic. Click on it and go see more photos from the trip. I am still playing catch-up with kids, appointments, school projects, etc. I will post more later!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Done & We're Off!

I worked through the night Friday night and finished the garage at about 5 am. I stayed up all night last night packing and cleaning the inside of the house and now we are about to head out for a much needed, much anticipated week away! I will update more on the boat! Love ya'll.. MJ