Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something to Share..

I find myself in a strange place.. not of a physical nature.. well, that isn't quite right, it is of a physical nature, but internal, not external.. confused yet? I have been confused, concerned, contemplative, determined, & now proactive. I have shared so much here & on Facebook. I have sometimes shared too much. Lately I have held back what I have shared because I was not sure I wanted to deal with the reactions it would bring. I have shared with some privately, but that isn't fair either.
So let me preface it with this. I AM OKAY. I am actually doing well & am on my way to doing better. I have recently been diagnosed with MS. Multiple Sclerosis. A Basic explanation of what that is; A person with multiple sclerosis has inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, which weakens the nervous system. I am in an early phase, although they believe I have had it more than 12-15 years. I have good doctors who are helping me take steps to give my body the best possible ability to function at full capacity. I have a cervical spine injury that is causing some complications but that is being treated & will hopefully be resolved soon.
Next week, the 21st, I am having Lap Band Surgery. It is the best chance for me to lose weight & keep it off to relieve the burden my body has carrying all my extra weight. I actually had tried to have it done a few times over the past several years & was denied by my insurance. I guess they prefer the cost of the surgery over the cost of progressive MS! This is a good thing! I have researched it extensively prior to this and know all the pros & cons. It is one of the ways I can meet this disease head on & continue to be active & fully functioning.
So please do not feel sad or sorry for me. I need all the positive vibes I can get. I have so many healthy, happy years ahead of me. I will have relapses & I will get through them. I am a fighter, not a quitter. I have a full life to live & am determined to do it with gusto!
So there it is. I can be myself & share my journey freely as I go along now. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!